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2015 Texas Marching Classic

2015 Texas Marching Classic

Welcome to the annual Texas Marching Classic Competition!


October will mark the fourth annual Texas Marching Classic (TMC) band competition. Come participate with bands from across the state in UIL classes 1A- 6A. Supported by the Cedar Ridge High School Raider Band, TMC is organized by educators with vast experience as contest participants as well as hosts – resulting in a competition that is unlike any other.


Divided into three classifications (1A-4A, 5A, 6A), bands will compete to win the title of Grand Champion. Bands will also compete in the captions of Individual & Ensemble Music, Individual & Ensemble Visual, General Effect, Percussion and Auxiliary. TMC offers state of the art facilitiesworld class adjudicators, and a unique scoring rubric to provide timely feedback with insight into all aspects of your performance.


This October, participate in what has been referred to as “one of the best marching competitions” in Texas!

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Where/When are the PRELIM/FINALS Director Meetings?
Both director meetings will be held in the 1st floor conference room beneath the Press Box. The con...

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Copy of Registration Available

Are you one of our participating band directors but have misplaced your Registration paperwork? Don't fret, it's easy to request another copy of your registration document here. Just enter your registration number or the head director's email address and we'll send another copy.

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