Performance Specifics

There are specific guidelines your band must follow and be aware of for competition day including warm up, performance area surface, performance times, etc.

Warm up:

Your prelim warm-up times will be included in the final director's packet which will be mailed in early October. We may provide a "pit" warm-up area near the stadium. Bands may not practice or warm-up within earshot or visual vicinity of the stadium. A physical warm-up area will be provided prior to your scheduled musical warm-up time. Use of the physical warm-up site is optional. Report time to the stadium will be 10 minutes prior to your scheduled performance time.

Performance Area Surface (of the stadium floor):

The performance field will be a regulation size football field with end zones and including the area from out-of-bounds lines on the ends to fifteen (15) feet in front of the front side line (360 feet long) and from the out-of-bounds lines on the ends to the back limit of the field surface, normally the back grandstand or wall. Entrance of the band proper may not be over the front sideline. Performers presetting equipment in the front (pit) may enter from the front.

Performance Times:

Once you enter the performance area, you will have a four (4) minute maximum prep time for set-up and warm-up (placement of props/equipment must take place during this time). This time will begin at the cue of the Timing & Penalties judge. Once your band appears to be ready, or at three (3) minutes and 30 seconds, the announcer will introduce your band. Once the drum majors hear their names, they are to immediately salute and set to begin the performance. The first note of music or the first step-off by a member of the band proper will start the timing of your show and must occur within 30 seconds from the conclusion of the announcement introducing your band. Each band is allowed a performance time of 7 to 11 minutes. This timing will begin at the conclusion for the 4 minute set-up/warm-up time. Following completion of your show, your band will have 2 minutes to vacate the performance area (outside/clear of the goal line), which will be the conclusion of your 15 minute block. All props and equipment must be totally removed from the Performance Area within 4 minutes following the end of the band's performance. All uniformed students will receive a hand stamp that will allow them access back into the stadium.


Each band will be able to unload large props and equipment for your show no sooner than 45 minutes prior to your step-off time. Following your band's performance, you will have 45 minutes to remove your props and equipment. Specifics will be included in the director's packet distributed in October.


These penalties are at the discretion of the Timing & Penalties Judge/Contest Director:

  • Time requirements:   0.1 point per 3 seconds or fraction thereof
  • Delay of Contest:   0.5 point per minute or fraction thereof
  • Boundary:   0.1 point per flagrant infraction


All electronically produced music must be "live" and played in "real time" by a student. No "prerecorded or sequenced" music, whether instrumental or vocal may be used.  The use of sounds other than music, such as narration or sound effects, may be prerecorded and used without penalty.  Electronic units are allowed if they are self-powered.  If power is available at the site, it may be used at the unit's own risk. The Cedar Ridge High School Band and the Round Rock Independent School District takes no responsibility for supplying any band’s electrical power and electronic needs.

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