Photo / Audio Recording Service

TMC is once again providing a professional audio/video recording service for both preliminary and final competition. Each band will be given a digital copy of their performance.

TMC and RRISD will not be responsible for any violation of copyright law or statutes. Each band is responsible to ensure they adhere to both performance and mechanical copyright laws.

A seperate space on the 50 yard line at the top of the home side stands will be provided for one (1) adult (non-student), 18 years of age or older, to perform audio/video recording.

Entrance to the video area will be provided no more than 5 minutes prior to when the band is scheduled to take the field and must exit the press box no more than 5 minutes after the band has completed their performance. Note: Other bands will have audio/video personnel preparing to film their band so please be courteous of others as they record their band's performance.

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