Please read the instructions below carefully. There are several steps that must be completed before your band is officially registered for the 2018 Texas Marching Classic. Failure to complete any of the steps below may unnecessarily delay or prevent your eventual acceptance into the competition.

All of these steps must be completed no later than August 10, 2018 to guarantee your registration.

Step 1 - Online Form Completion

Complete the online registration form and submit it to TMC. When you submit the online form we will automatically store the information and start the registration process for you. At the same time we will generate a Acrobat PDF file containing the completed registration form and email it to you.  Please save this file and keep it as a confirmation you have started the process. There is an invoice included in the Registration PDF - please include a copy of the invoice with your payment.

TMC recommends you mail your registration payment as soon as possible. There are a limited number of registration spots available and they are issued upon completed registrations - which includes payment.  All bands who have completed registration by August 10, 2018 (including payment) are placed into a draw for the premier Preliminaries performance times.  All bands who complete registration after this time will be assigned to a remaining available performance time slot.

Step 2 - Form Confirmation

Have your director (primary contact) check their email regularly and make sure you receive a confirmation that we have received your registration. If you do not have a confirmation within 24 hours then please contact us directly at

Step 3 - Payment

Please print out the Registration PDF and print an extra copy of the invoice (the last page of the Registration PDF) to send with your payment. Payment may be made using a check or money order for $400 ($375 if payment received by Aug 10, 2018). Remit payment to:

Cedar Ridge High School Band Boosters
2250 Double Creek Dr
Suite # 6117
Round Rock, TX 78664

Step 4 - Payment Confirmation

Have your director or primary contact check their email regularly and make sure you receive a confirmation that we have received your payment and signed contract. You may also verify your band has completed registration by checking that your band's name has been highlighted (bold text) on the list of participating bands. If you do not have a confirmation within 5-7 business days then please contact us directly at

Note: Your registration is not complete until you have completed all four (4) steps above.
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