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Where do the buses / equipment trucks park?

There is sufficient parking in the north stadium parking lot. All buses and authorized instrument trailers/trucks will be guided to the north parking area upon arrival. You may keep your bus parked in this lot for the duration of the competition.

How do we feed our band during the competition?

There are several options available for feeding your students and staff. Many local restaurants will cater and deliver sandwiches, pizza, pasta, etc. if you would like to keep your students at the Kelly Reeves Athletic complex. There are several local restaurants which also have enough seating to accomodate most bands with prior reservations. Please see the Area Information section for a listing of some of the local options.

Our boosters will also be operating the home side concession stands which will have items such as hot dogs, barbeque, pizza by the slice, chips, drinks, etc. for those bands which do not want to organize a specific mealtime for their students/staff.

Of course you are welcome to bring food with you and have your students and staff eat near your busses.

Please note. No outside food or drink will be allowed into Kelly Reeves stadium.

Where/When are the FINALS Director Meeting?

The director meeting will be held in the 1st floor conference room beneath the Press Box. The conference room may be accessed through the exterior glass doors on the outside (west) side of the Front Grandstand. The FINALS meeting will be held approximately 15 minutes following the conclusion of the PRELIMINARIES awards ceremony. The FINALS meeting is for HEAD DIRECTORS of bands who will be competing in FINALS competition.

What if we need an instrument repaired on competition day?

TMC will have an instrument repair station available at the competition. The instrument repair personnel will have the expertise and materials available to assist with most 'common' repairs - pad replacement, minor adjustments, etc. TMC does not warrant any repairs made during the competition nor are any guarantees that the repair staff will be able to repair all types of instruments or all equipment failures. It is highly recommended that all bands come sufficiently prepared with backup equipment and repair supplies to increase the likelyhood that any equipment failures can be successfully mitigated.

Is there a place to throw away trash?

The Kelley Reeves stadium has several large dumpsters available close to the "Warm-up B" staging area outside the north end of the stadium for refuse for participating bands. These dumpsters are provided to be able to discard items left over from meals, snacks, etc. You may want to bring large trash bags with you to make collecting and disposing of the trash easier. Please do not leave trash, even in large trash bags, in the Kelley Reeves stadium. Your band is responsible to keep your area clean of debris.

There are multiple trash receptacles throughout the Kelley Reeves stadium for spectators to dispose of trash during the competition. Please note that we attempt to be environmentally responsible by also providing multiple locations for recyclable materials.