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Can I leave the competition and come back later?

Spectators may leave during the competition and return provided:

  • You are wearing your TMC wrist band.

  • You are returning during the same session as you left or have purchased a full day admissions wrist band

Parking has unlimited in/out privileges for the competition so you may take your vehicle and return provided you display your parking pass in the lower left of your front windshield.

Do the concessions stand(s) accept credit cards?

Concession stands will accept major credit cards at select windows. Please check the signs at the concession stand(s) to determine which windows accept credit cards and which accept cash only.

Can I buy my ticket with a credit card at the stadium?

Select ticket booth windows will accept major credit cards for ticket purchase. Most debit cards may also be used as a credit card.

How much is parking?

Spectator parking for the full day is $5.00 per vehicle (CASH ONLY!). The parking permit will allow you to come-and-go (often called in/out privilege) as long as your permit is displayed in the front window of the vehicle.